Hilarious Cats That Are Addicted To Drama

Cat people know the fundamental things about their pets: they are extremely independent for bathing, cuddling, and everyday activities but they are also huge drama kings and queens when they set their mind to it. And let's face it, cats make some of the best memes we have seen in the history of the Internet through the years: their expressions are so dramatic and fun we can't get enough of them. These fifty cats had the most dramatic attitudes for quite simple things and they are hilarious. Come join us and see these incredibly demanding and dramatic cats as they prove that their emotional independence sometimes is just a myth.

Back sit


Everybody hates traveling in the back seat and this cat is no exception: his facial expression shows perfectly how betrayed he feels about being replaced by the dog who is apparently over his claims.



If you ever thought of yourself as someone who takes things too personally, just take a look at how this cat is lying on the floor like saying move on without me, leave me here to die.



Any animal who is experiencing snow for the very first time will always manage to make a great picture: we can't get over this cat's face on how cold that frickin snow really was.



There is nothing new about the rivalry between cats and dogs but I don't think I had ever seen a cat being so expressive about how much he hates this happy looking dog.

Don’t let go


We all hate when we are left alone, but apparently, this cat's dependency issues have gone way too far and he has no problem expressing how he feels. Such a drama queen.



Talk about dependent cats: not only they have very dramatic reactions to humans leaving, but apparently, they can't even handle their friends getting some personal space either.



This terrified cat sums up every expression of fear someone could have ever experienced in their lives: see how he is putting his tiny paws in his mouth and the look in his eyes.



Who loves sharing when they are used to having things for themselves? We have seen many children overreacting to sharing but this cat beats them all for sure. Not letting go of this.

Vet time


These pictures are so perfect because they show the before and after the moment of this cat being taken to the vet: what seemed like a fun ride ended up with a lot of unsolicited touching.



What do you think these cats were looking at when this picture was taken to have such amazing expressions on their faces? If I lived with them, I would be calling an exorcist.

What is this?


When the new baby came into the house everything was ready to receive him: the crib, the bedroom, the toys..but apparently nobody remembered to let the cat know that he was coming.

I’ve been expecting you


If you are afraid of cats, probably this picture just ruined your life forever: this one is so terrifying and is looking at us so seriously that we don't know what we did, but we are probably in trouble.

Bath time


We all know for a fact that cats hate being bathed, but this cat's expression makes it so dramatic that we would imagine that the water was either too cold or too hot for this reaction.

Got it, Janet, now let me in.


Don't ever try to ground your cat and teach him a lesson by locking him out or they will remind this forever no matter what you do: they can remember these type of things.

Don’t let go


This could easily be a parody of an ancient painting or a scene from the movie Titanic: these two could not stand being apart and decided to hold paws so dramatically to reach each other.

So we meet again…


Why does this cat look like the Godfather and he seems to be rubbing his chin while thinking what to do with a traitor? We have no idea, but he looks so funny we can't get over him.

Bad news


Haven't you ever read the news and wished you could have such a genuine reaction like this cat had? The world is a horrible place, we have to agree with him on this one.

Why God?


With his tiny paw pointing at the sky and that expression of anger, this cat is probably one of our all-time favorite dramatic cats. We love him, don't you?

Puss in boots


Trying to convince your human to do whatever you want is not easy and it probably takes everything you've got, like putting those eyes that nobody could say no to.



If cats are worried to get unnoticed by you, they will do everything in their power to get you to notice them. This picture works as a perfect example of that attitude.



Haven't you ever had one of those days when you are feeling a little down and wish you could lie down on the couch staring at the ceiling and not giving any explanations? He did.

Not judging


We all know that cats expressions can be quite judgemental when they set their feline minds to it: if you are cheating on your diet and indulging on candy, your cat will look at you like this.

Absolute winner


We are the champions, my friend. We don't know which kind of absolute winning this cat is celebrating but he seems pretty proud of himself and not afraid to show it at all.

I could have rescued myself


After getting rescued, this cat does not seem pleased or happy at all, in fact, he seems offended and wants to remind us all that he does not need any human to help him.

Go on without me


On cold mornings there is nothing harder than getting up and getting to work: if your cat reacts like this every day you have to leave, you are probably living a hard life. We know.

It was you, Fredo.


After a betrayal of any kind, most of us have dramatic reactions but nothing can come close to this cat that seems to be screaming his lungs out in anger and wondering if there is a God.

Don’t come closer


Cats who try to keep others away have the funniest faces for that purpose: I'm not sure if I would stay away from this one or would just take a dozen pictures of him.



Human, if you have a cat, you have the responsibility of never, ever disappoint him: look at the facial expression you could be looking at if you do. It really is heartbreaking.

You locked me out


We have warned you previously what could happen if you decide to lock your cat out to teach him a lesson: they will not only not show any regret but also will manage to scare you.

I’m not mad


Nobody puts Baby in a corner, but apparently, someone did put this cat there. If he is giving you a cold treatment or if he is too embarrassed to see you, he is going to make sure you notice.

I said don’t leave me


When you don't want your human to leave you and you are an extremely dramatic cat, you will find any way to keep them home, even if you have to lie under the car so they can't go.

Not so friendly, huh?


Everybody seems to think that babies and pets always get along but that is not always the case: we don't want to be forward but we recommend this kid's parents to keep the cat out.



This cute facial expression of surprise is probably one of the cutest things we have ever seen in our lives. He seems so confused and amazed that we want to hug him for hours.

Shocking news


Think about this: you probably want to make the exact same face this cat has in this picture approximately ten times a day in different situations. We love him, he gets us perfectly.

I didn’t want to get wet


If we have warned you about locking your cat outside, we should probably emphasize the fact that it would only get them to react worst if it's raining. Don't do that to your cat.

Game over


Don't you hate it when you were about to get a perfect score in a game and you lose for the silliest reason? This is how we would all react if we were cats, to be honest.

We said we were on a diet, Joe!


If you are one of those people who need diet buddies to stay on the right track, never ask your cat to be one: he will have no problem reacting like this if you get off the wagon.

Notice me


Cats like a lot of things: sleeping, warm milk, fish...but there is something they hate and that is being ignored. They will not take no for an answer so easily so don't even bother trying to tell them you are busy.

Striking a pose


Cats should be aware by now that they are some of the most photogenic animals in the whole world, otherwise, we wouldn't understand why would this one decided to strike a pose for the camera.

Say no to dental hygiene


If your cat does not want you to brush your teeth in the morning for some reason we will never understand, he will find a way to let you know: this might be an effective one.



Look how excited this cat is with the first Christmas decorations in the house: he seems so amazed that the year has gone by and that the holiday season is here again. Time flies, cat.



Just because I'm your cat and I live under your roof, eat your food and follow your rules that does not mean that you get to touch me whenever you want, you self-centered human.

Please I’ll never get dirty again


If most cats really hate getting wet we have no idea how traumatized this one is to have such a reaction when he is taken to the sink. But he really hated the idea of water, that's for sure.

Catch them all


You have probably seen many pictures of what the Internet refers to a "Ninja cats" but this one is probably the best you will ever see. The whole picture sequence is just too funny.

You bathed me


If somehow you managed to bathe your cat, we can tell you something for sure: he will never forget or forgive you for it. That's why they usually bath themselves with no assistance. They hate water.



How many times in your adult life did you wished you could have reacted like this cat and had to put on a neutral face to keep up with the conversation? He had that chance we didn't get.



Ok, so I know that this cat is probably going through a bad period in his life but the way he is showing his teeth makes him kind of scary. Just give him whatever he wants but keep that poor thing calmed.

Wasn’t me


This cat looks exactly like that meme with the kid trying to pretend he was not guilty of the mess: apparently both cats and human have a lot in common, like trying to pretend we are innocent.



Which are the terrible news this cat received to have this reaction where he can't even look at you right now? How dare you disappoint your over-dramatic cat like this?