Next June 14th will mark the starting day for the new World Cup of Football, that's going to be celebrated in Russia for the first time in its history. Here are some fun facts about all the national teams that will be a part of this tournament, and of course some of the deceptions during the qualifying rounds.

Cat people know the fundamental things about their pets: they are extremely independent for bathing, cuddling, and everyday activities but they are also huge drama kings and queens when they set their mind to it. And let's face it, cats make some of the best memes we have seen in the history of the Internet through the years: their expressions are so dramatic and fun we can't get enough of them. These fifty cats had the most dramatic attitudes for quite simple things and they are hilarious. Come join us and see these incredibly demanding and dramatic cats as they prove that their emotional independence sometimes is just a myth.

When Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady came with the idea almost 15 years ago, they weren't pretty sure about what could happen with their lives. Today with more than 10 seasons in their pockets, they are the masterminds behind a geeky show with fans all over the world. Here are some of the most amazing fun facts about this production that put the interest both in the comic nerdy world and in the scientific community.