Wedding Dresses That Should Never Have Been Worn.

It takes a lot of time and money to organize a wedding, and there’s a lot of people involved. Especially when it comes to pick the right dress, you have the person who makes the fabric, the person that buys it, the one that designs the dress and the bride that chooses it, along with her mother, friends and family that advises her. That means that at least I don’t know… ten people? Are involved in the process of selecting a gown. In these 50 cases those ten or more people either hated the brides or were blind, because these dresses are completely horrible. Take a look and don’t make the same mistake! Find out what happens when a person with terrible sense of good taste wants to get married.



Oh, she looks like an angel. Like an angel that fell from the sky and landed on a nuclear plant, what the fuck is this thing? That dress is falling apart, girl.



Kimberly, I told you to avoid eating Doritos while having your dress on, it is not that hard! Let’s talk about the douchebag groom, I don’t wanna be evil, but this marriage won’t last much.