Unique Body Features Only A Few People Have

Our body is amazing. We are the same and, because of that, we share incredible features, but we are also so different that some people have a few features that can’t be found in all of us. From incredible skin color to the ability to do strange things with random parts of your body, you may be one of them. Feel special and unique, or feel just like the rest of us, it doesn’t matter. Take a look at these incredible features and see if you have them or not, maybe you can all gather and create a club. I have a bald friend in a wheelchair that will be pleased to have you all in his mansion.



People with Polycoria have more than one set of iris muscles. Since iris is in charge of letting light enter into your eye, people with Polycoria can have serious visual deficiencies. 



Hypermobility Syndrome is a condition that features joints that easily move beyond the normal range expected for that particular joint. It is usually inherited and it does not require any treatment.