Toys That Were Designed By The Devil Himself

There is nothing as fun as toys when you are a kid or an adult. Who doesn’t cherish great memories of their childhood and those toys that stopped being objects and at one point to start becoming new friends? It doesn’t matter if you loved cars, dolls or stuffed animals: I’m sure you have a special memory about one of them. Unfortunately, toys are designed by humans and humans are designed to fail. These fifty toys could have been great, but ended up failing terribly: it could be a manufacturing error, a toy designer who was just too tired to work or any other factor, but they all failed.



This cactus seemed like a regular stuffed toy with absolutely nothing weird about it, but that perception changed when they opened it up: it was filled with a sad version cactus who knows what you have done before.



If you ever saw the documentary The toys that made up you probably know by now that sometimes certain pieces of the previous toys that are no longer manufactured are recycled for new ones. But nobody would ever expect this horsetail to be a part of a doll, especially if they left the whole head.