Things You´ve Always Done Wrong And You Didn´t Know

Life is hard enough, so why not make things a bit easier? There’s a lot of little problems in our daily lives that we do not perceive as a problems, but finding a solution would definitely be an improvement. Sometimes the solution is so close and we still do not see it. Here are 37 brilliant tips to solve the problems you don’t know you have. We promise that you will have some surprises and you will want to try these tricks right away.


Are you also annoyed that, some eggs simply can not peel after cooking? Try this next time: Peel only the egg tips and then blow it vigorously. This makes egg detaches easily from the shell. It peels off almost by itself!

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Ketchup from glass bottles sometimes don’t come out, and sometimes come out too fast. The company Heinz has a small 57 marked on the sides. Just tap exactly at that point and even the bottle. That way you can control de Ketchup flow.

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