The Most Bizarre Human Modifications

Most people don’t like their bodies as they are. But some people took that dislike even further. And they decided to transform their bodies into their own strange piece of art. We gathered a few procedures that are totally real and that people around the world are performing on their selves. From extreme tattoos to sickening piercings, you will find them all on this list. Prepare yourself, because this won’t be an easy ride. And always remember to go to a professional and don’t do any of these things by yourself, because that may have fatal consequences.

Teeth Sharpening

In the past, it was done for religious and spiritual purposes, but now, in the modern times, this kind of body modification is only decorative. Usually, they sharpen their front incisors to make them look almost like the ones of an animal.

Long Neck

This looks like a torture, but it is an actual tradition in some native tribes. To accomplish this, women wear rings that push their necks up and down. They believe that the longest the neck, the prettiest the woman.