Terrible Breakup Texts That Will Make You Glad Were Not For You

The digital age. It has given us so many great things. Unfortunately, it has also given us a few bad ones. Like chain emails, internet trolls and, what concerns us today, break up texts. Instant messaging apps have made it infinitesimally easier to keep in contact with people who live far away without much difficulties.But its downfall was the advent of the breakup text. The break up text made it possible for someone to take the coward’s way out of a relationship. What’s worse than that is that a lot of people believe that if they are cute in their texts, they will hurt less. Of course, that never happens. Here are 50 terrible breakup texts that will make you glad were not for you.

Be Warned


Autocorrect may be one of the worst things that texting brought. As Jenna says in the text…awkward. The poor guy was trying to be sexy and it backfired in a big way.

Someone Like Me


Here is some common ground. At least the both of them are in agreement that the dumped is unique. Unfortunately, they don’t agree on how good that uniqueness actually is.