Strangest Things Ever Found In Textbooks

If you read a textbook, probably the last thing that will come to your head is something funny: we hated them for many years in school and they usually meant homework or that you had to study for a text. Unfortunately, they have a bad reputation and many times there are hidden gems in them that are in fact, hilarious. We found fifty of them to have you laughing for a while over this and hopefully, change your mind and your whole idea about textbooks. Are you ready to see some of the funniest pictures you will ever see? Let’s get started.



Even textbooks may be considered as something dull, we love those who write them who are able to tell it like it is: we agree, nobody ever reads the introduction, it’s good to know we are not alone.

Four F’s


I see what you did there, textbook writer: no matter how chilled and relaxed you are in the writing, some F-words will never be appropriate for this educational material.