Ridiculous Security Fails

We all want to keep our belongings (and ourselves) safe. Some people are good at that, or at least have common sense. Others don’t know how to do that, but they try… and fail. These photos you are about to see will make you shiver, and you will need to ask out loud what the hell were they thinking. .

Nap Time


We need to get creative when it’s time for a nap. And this guy did it: That photo looks so realistic it’s almost scary (not).

Effective Toll


Whoever decided this was a good idea wasn’t thinking. I wonder how much money they collected. I will bet a number: Zero dollars.

Remove Child


Oh, I almost let the child in the T-shirt! Luckily, I’m used to read the labels before washing my clothes, and you should too.

Roomba Roulette


This doesn’t look safe. Or healthy. Or smart. The only idea of doing this with my robot vacuum makes me… curious.

That’s My Mug


If your coworkers keep using your mug, then you can lock it to the dryer rack. You won’t be miss congeniality this year, though.

Horn Protection


If your goat is dangerous, just stick two tennis balls in its horns. Honestly, I don’t even know why you own a goat, but I’m jealous.

Crack the Code


Well, this is not entirely useless: The lock can be really effective when it comes to fight the current outbreak of blind burglars.

My Personal Drawer


When you are a parent, having a locked drawer can be very important. There you can stash your junk food and your funny toys. But don’t let this happen.



This is a fine example of “do as I say but not as I do”. Cyclist will definitely need space to go around that sign.

I’ll Take Back My Stapler


Some people take staplers really seriously. They treat them like their own children. So if you dare touching it, just make sure you give it back, or it will be a living hell.

Safe ATM


I don’t know how much money does an ATM have inside, but I’m sure it’s an important amount to use a duct tape to close it.

Great Shipping


Ok, first of all: Who orders a plunger online? Like, go to the hardware store around the corner. There’s no such thing as over-packing.



When I first saw this I said, hey, that’s safe! But then, I realized that even a toddler can take out that chain.

That’s Gotta Hurt


Are you thinking of stealing that bike? You better not do it, because that safety device is so effective it can even be considered a torture.

Like a Boss


This cop forgot his lock at home, so he had to improvise with his handcuffs. If it works, it works. Let’s hope he doesn’t need them.

Another Goat


Apparently there are lots of goat owners in this world. And this one decided to use this friend as a security device.

Infinite Supply


There’s nothing worse than going to the toilet and realize you are out of toilet paper. Avoid this with this incredible hack (that looks horrible)

Smart Bear


This bear said, “This sign can’t stop me ‘cause I can’t read” and went all the way. Maybe we are witnessing the world’s most useless sign.

A Scissor


This is a beautiful scissor, I wish I could take it home, but it’s tied up with this thread that could be easily cut with a… scissor. If I only had one at hand.

Electric Fence


I’m not saying I don’t trust that sign, but… I don’t trust that sign. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to take the risk of touching the fence. I’ll just walk away.