Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World.

A Little Boy At A KKK Rally Proves Racism Is Learned


During a Ku Klux Klan rally in Georgia, Todd Robertson, a photographer for The Gainsnville Times at the time, was sent to capture the moment. There wasn’t much action, according to Robertson. There were 66 Klan members and three officers at the rally with about 100 onlookers. The other photographers focused on the speakers, hoping for a fight to break out.

Robertson decided on a different approach and followed a mother and her children. Her two young boys were dressed in the Klan robes with the pointy white hats. To Robertson’s shock, one of the boys went up to an African American officer and looked into his shield. Before his mother could snatch him away, Robertson captured what would years later be one of the most famous pictures in America.

The Truth About The Reunion Of Lt. Colonial Robert Stirm And His Family


Lt. Colonial Robert Stirm cheerfully reunites with his family after being held a prisoner or war. The photograph, taken by Slava Veder and titled Burst of Joy, won a Pulitzer Prize for showing raw human emotion. The photo was taken on March 17, 1973 and became a symbol of the United States pulling out of the Vietnam war. Stirm spent more than five years in captivity. While he was happy to get out, he was disappointed to what he found when he did get out.

He had received a letter from his wife, Loretta, letting him know their marriage was over. Nonetheless, he was happy to see his children who had grown phenomenally. Loretta, his ex-wife has admitted that she feels bad about the whole situation every time she looks at the photograph – knowing the reunion wasn’t as happy as it appeared to the rest of the world.