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Green-Eyed Girl From Nepal Shocks The World


A girl from Nepal has beautiful green eyes, which have a whole world of a story to tell – she isn’t like the others in her village. It is very uncommon for people of Chinese/Nepal decent to have green eyes, but clearly not impossible.

The girl in this picture has what is known as central heterochromia, a condition where the iris shows two colors. The true iris is the outer color, while the inner color is some sort of phenomena – this happens most commonly in people who lack melanin. In most parts of the world, it is seen as beautiful.

The History Of Swing In A Nutshell


Swing dancing has been around since the 1920s and was most popular up until the 1940s – hence the name „swing era.“ There are hundreds of different styles of swing dancing, many of which were created during the swing era. Swing is most common in African American communities, though it was popular throughout the world during its time.

The most well-known of swing dances is the Lindy Loop, which originated in Harlem in the 1930s. Swing also refers to a style of jazz music. The term swing wasn’t used for dance until the second half of the 1920s