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The Horrific Reaction Of A Man Who Just Learned His Brother Had Been Killed


In San Jose, California, a young teen is killed just after school let out. He was stabbed to death – the second teen to be stabbed in two weeks in the area. Medical staff arrived to give him CPR, but failed to save his life.

Sgt. Rick Delisser is assigned the duty of watching over the dead teen’s older brother, who is in heretics after learning his brother has been murdered. „That’s my little baby brother. He has a father; he has a mother. I helped raise him,“ he screamed to officers at the surrounding scene.

Mount Hagen Cultural Show: Sharing Traditions


Sing-sing, a celebration in Papua New Guinea, is the gathering of tribes where a variety of cultures show off their dance, music, and traditions to others. It is also known as the Mount Hagen Cultural Show, which is world renowned. People gather together to share traditions in a peaceful manner, without overstepping boundaries of other tribes.

The celebrations happen on Mount Hagen, which is the third largest city in Papua New Guinea. It has a population of over 46,000 people – many of which join in on the traditional celebrations that happen on the mountain.