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Albinism & the Love Of Two Cousins


An albino baby and his cousin snuggle together in this photo. Albinism is a rare condition in which there is no pigment in the skin. Only about 1 in 17,000 people have this condition. It is most popular in people of African descent, though it can happen in people from all around the world.

A person with the condition is more likely to burn in the sun and is susceptible to skin cancer. There is no cure for it, but with proper skin care and regular visits to the dermatologist, there aren’t too many complications to worry about.

Woman From A Isolated Tribe Sees A Magazine For The First Time


A woman in the Mursi tribe sees a magazine for the first time, featuring women from different parts of the world. The magazine she is looking at is Vogue, and it was quite shocking to her.

The Mursi tribe has approximately 7,500 members and is known as one of the most isolated tribes in Ethiopia. It is common for members of the Mursi tribe, especially the female members, to wear large pieces of pottery through holes in their lips. The woman in this picture, however, wears her decoration around her head instead.