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The Day The German’s Tactics Were Foiled


The Battle of Kursk was a battle that occurred during the second World War between German and Soviet forces in July and August of 1943. During this battle, the Germans hoped to be able to weaken the Soviets by taking out large numbers of their men. They also hoped they could capture many of the Soviet men to use as slaves.

The Soviets, however, knew about the plans months before it was put into play, thanks to the British allies. They were able to put together barricades, minefields, firing zones, and more. In the end, the Battle of Kursk became the first battle the Germans had their tactics foiled.

The Wife Of The Late Lt. James Cathey Sleeps With Him One Last Time


Lt. James Cathey of the United States Marine Corps was killed while on a tour in Iraq. He had only been there for a month when an explosive took his life. His wife, Katherine Cathey, who was pregnant when he died, laid by his side one last time before his funeral

Other marines set up a bed for Katherine around her late husband’s casket so she could rest in peace. Before she laid to sleep, she played songs that reminded her of him. The marines guarded her during the entire night, per her request. She felt her husband would have preferred it that way.