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Images of the Tiananmen Square Demonstrations Are Still Burned in Our Memories


Though the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in Beijing, China happened over 25 years ago, the images and memories still hold strong in the hearts of many. What started as a simple student protest quickly turned into a widespread fight for quality of life. At first, it was just some students in a peaceful protest, but over the course of seven weeks, the total of those involved came to over one million.

Hundreds of unarmed victims were killed during the protests by way of Chinese army tanks. The horror these people witnessed while fighting for democracy cannot be explained.

Drug Cartel Or Coal Mining – Is There Really A Choice In Sabinas, Mexico?


Daniel Becerril captured the rawness of a man working hard to support his family. In Sabinas, Mexico, there are unregulated coal mines where thousands of men come in an attempt to make enough for their families to survive.

Though the miners in this coal mine are not physically forced to mine as slaves, they are forced into it by a poor labor market – many have to choose between running drugs as part of the cartel and risking their lives as a coal miner. The majority of the mines are owned by drug dealers themselves, so the line is thin between the two options.