Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World.

Marine Saves A Kitten While Fighting In The Korean War


Sergeant Frank Praytor became famous for this 1952 picture of him feeding a lost cat in the Korean War. The picture, titled The Marine and the Kitten, was shared on Reddit in 2009 and received an overwhelming number of supporters. The original article about the man shared the fact that he saved two kittens after their mother was shot and killed. He fed them with watered down canned milk and a medicine dropper.

Praytor gave one of the kittens to another man to care for, but that kitten died when the man rolled over her in his sleep. Miss Hap, the kitten Praytor kept survived though and became the mascot for the Division PIO office.

The Misconception Of The „100,000“ Praying Monk Photo


While many think this is a photograph of thousands of monks praying for world peace, it is actually a photograph of something far different – something far more sinister. According to Foreign Policy magazine, the original poster of the picture, it showcases monks in Thailand in a mass celebration, which was „inspired by the head abbot’s fascination with the Muslim hajj gatherings and Nazi parades…“

Luke Duggleby, the photographer, was able to capture images of the ceremony by laying in crazy angles and using air vents as foot holds. As Luke says, „a photograph must always be accompanied by an explanation, and if that explanation is incorrect, misleading or a total lie then the image becomes something that it’s not. With social media being able to access so many people very quickly that could be a very dangerous thing.“