16 embarrassing moments

You must know these days too. Nothing wants to work properly. This usually starts in the morning and continues through the evening. No blunders are left out. Whether embarrassing moments in the job, while shopping or in the presence of your friends. Your nerves are bare and then it happens. A thoughtless act can turn … Read more

Baywatch Turned 30 And This Is How They Look Now

Premiered in 1989 and lasting over a decade, Baywatch was one of the most iconic TV shows ever. But there’s a curse that haunts the actors that play iconic roles in iconic TV Shows: they usually disappear. This is not every show’s case but it is definitely this one’s. The funny detail is that Baywatch … Read more

50 Hilarious Photoshop Fails

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These Human Body Parts That Will Disappear One Day

Charles Darwin described as early as the nineteenth century that every living population adapts to its given environmental conditions over the course of many generations. The human being is also evolving ever further. Darwin already counted in 1871 in “The Descent of Man” a large number of body parts, which have lost their usefulness in … Read more

Most Embarrassing Airport Security Check Moments

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Rare Photos Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

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12 people that went too far with Photoshop

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