The Best Hotel Hacks

If you are one of those people that stay at hotels all the time for work, or if you travel a lot, or even if you’ve never been at a hotel and want to be an expert when the time comes, this article is for you. We gathered hacks and tips from experienced hotel guests … Read more

Horrible Memes Boomers Share on Facebook

Boomers are bad at social media, that’s something we already know. They share dated photos, fake news (tons of fake news), and horrible memes they think they are funny. We tend to oversee this because we love our parents, but sometimes is unbearable. We gathered a few memes moms and dads shared on Facebook. These … Read more

Toys That Were Designed By The Devil Himself

There is nothing as fun as toys when you are a kid or an adult. Who doesn’t cherish great memories of their childhood and those toys that stopped being objects and at one point to start becoming new friends? It doesn’t matter if you loved cars, dolls or stuffed animals: I’m sure you have a … Read more

Incredible Designs Made With Users in Mind

I’m sure you have something at home that is not that easy to use, and you wish the designer would have thought a little more about the user. That’s not always the case. We gathered a few designs that were made entirely with the user in mind, to improve our lives, and make them easier, … Read more

Designers That Should Get Another Job

Designers are artists. Well, most of them are. There are some whose elections are a little bit… polemic. They can make terrible houses, jeans, signs, and logos, and we gathered some of those for your entertainment (and anger). Lights This looks exactly like the homes I used to design in the Sims. The architect really … Read more

False Myths About Cellphones That We Still Believe

Cellphones have been around forever now. There are people who know how a cellphone works since they were born. But for decades, we believed myths about them that are not entirely true, but for some reason they stuck around. Relax, your phone will not blow up the gas station. Megapixels When you look for a … Read more

The Strangest Things Confiscated at Airports

Airports make me anxious. I’m always thinking they’ll find something strange in my luggage and I’ll end up in jail like in those movies, though I carry nothing strange. But there are people that don’t have the same problem. We can’t know if they didn’t know the rules, or they were criminals, but these people … Read more

Pictures That Will Trigger Your Anger

I need you to sit back, breathe in, and then breathe out. Repeat. Ok, now that you are slightly relaxed you are going to see a bunch of pictures. These pictures will make you angry, will trigger you OCD, will make you feel out of yourself. But, at the same time, these pictures will make … Read more

Best Office Pranks Ever Made

Working in an office is something that most of us have to do at least once in our lives and even though it can involve professional and personal growth, new friends and exciting possibilites, sometimes it can also mean dealing with increibly irritating people and situations. But in every office you can find some fun … Read more