Your ears tell you a lot. You shouldn’t ignore these 8 signs

Wax is produced by your body to protect your ears. It serves to protect the ear canal and to remove dust and dirt that has penetrated out of the ears. Likewise, dead skin flakes are transported outside. If there were no ear wax, we would have a thick plug of skin flakes and dirt that … Read more

Mysterious Photos That Still Don´t Have Any Explanation

This world is a mysterious place, I think we already know that. We humans think that we know everything about it but we know less of a one percent of what this world contains. There are forces, things, beings and events that escape our way of thinking, and that we can’t explain. Here we gathered … Read more

Time Can Not Be Stopped And These Pictures Prove It

Getting old is mostly seen on people: it is easy to notice how much we have changed with time and how aging has affected us. However, time passes for everyone and everything and these pictures will show you how. It doesn’t matter if it’s a toy, a home or even our skin, it will probably … Read more

10+ things that will happen if you put out that cigarette right now

If you are a smoker there will probably be no reason that is convincing enough to make you quit. As an addiction, it’s usually surrounded with excuses (“Now is not a good time for me to quit“), promises (“I’ll make this my new year’s resolution…eventually”) and irrational fears of what might happen if you quit. … Read more

35 Perfect Coincidental Photos Captured on Camera

Time travel patrasevents The best thing about this picture is not only the strange coincidence of having them all dresses in the same color palette, but also the fact that it seems that time hopped from booth to booth. Double trouble sarcasmtalk If the first thing you noticed was the two men wearing light blue … Read more

Things Left Inside Buildings By Previous Owners

Houses can hold a lot of memories and of course, a lot of stuff. Some people hoard their belongings in their garages to the point of not being sure on how most of those things got there in the first place. These are the stories of different objects that were found with no explanation at … Read more

Selfie Fails

You love taking selfies and we don’t judge. I mean, who doesn’t? There’s a few lessons you need to know to be a master of self photos. The first and most important one is: Always Always ALWAYS take a comprehensive look at you photos before uploading them. Check that your hair, makeup and outfit are … Read more

Funny Pictures Of Jealous People

Jealousy is a pretty common feeling. We’ve all been there, done that. As long as it doesn’t turn is into toxic, obsessive monsters green with envy, it’s fine. We’re entitled to feel jealous from time to time and deal with it in a healthy way. The most important thing to remember is that we don’t … Read more

Actors Posing With Their Stunt Doubles

We tend to think that our favorite actresses and actors are capable of doing anything. But there are certain things, mostly dangerous things, that can only be done by qualified and trained people who studied and practiced to become stunt doubles. They often look alike our favorite stars and many many times, they work with … Read more