Mysterious Photos That Still Don´t Have Any Explanation



In 1968, in El Cairo, a muslim bus mechanic looked up at the St. Mark’s church and saw a woman that he thought was gonna jump. He called some colleagues that also saw the woman and then the police. The event lasted for a few minutes and then the allegedly Virgin Mary disappeared, but it happened again several times for years. Millions of people, including the president of Egypt at that time, saw the apparition of Our Lady of Zeitoun.



The maid of Hinterkaifeck Farm left her job saying that the house was haunted. Six months later, in 1922, the owner of the farm heard weird noises in the attic and found a newspaper that wasn’t his. That week he appeared murdered, along with five other people that lived in the farm, including the new maid, that arrived that day. The crimes are still unsolved.