Mysterious Photos That Still Don´t Have Any Explanation

This world is a mysterious place, I think we already know that. We humans think that we know everything about it but we know less of a one percent of what this world contains. There are forces, things, beings and events that escape our way of thinking, and that we can’t explain. Here we gathered fifty photos that show how incredibly mysterious our world can be, and how even though we think we know it all, most of our world is beyond our comprehension and imagination. You better prepare, because this list include scary things, from strange creatures to unexplained events, and you will need to look behind your back a few times while reading it.



The family took this photo of this woman before taking her to a nursing home and they say that there were no man behind her. But if having a ghostly man in the photo wasn’t enough, the woman claims that the man in the photo is her deceased husband.



A photographer took this photo during a house fire. When he developed the film, he saw the figure of a girl looking at him. She is in the middle of the flames but she doesn’t look stressed.