most embarrassing moments caught on camera

You must know these days too. Nothing wants to work properly. This usually starts in the morning and continues through the evening. No blunders are left out. Whether embarrassing moments in the job, while shopping or in the presence of your friends.

Your nerves are bare and then it happens. A thoughtless act can turn your world upside down. You accidentally eat soap, in the firm belief that they are chocolates.

Melt Away

We know summers are getting hotter year after year (that’s global warming for you, guys!) But are they hot enough to simply melt down a car? Something else must have gone on here. We wouldn’t want to be the ones receiving the car shop invoice, that’s for sure.

Niagara Falls?

Have you been saving for that trip to Niagara Falls you’ve been wanting to go on since you were a kid? You still haven’t been able to save enough money up to get on a plane and enjoy the wonders of nature? Well, worst things could happen to you, we suppose. Like living in this building.

Child’s Play

If you have to take your child (or your niece or nephew, or your grandkids, or a friend’s kid) to the park this weekend, pay attention and make sure they don’t find themselves in a situation like this. Being on your phone while you let the child play seems like a good idea until you see pictures like this.

Not Again!

There is one thing the whole of humanity will surely agree on: we all hate when this happens. Can you imagine a worse way to start the day than needing to untangle this mess on your way to work when all you wanted to do was listen to some music and relax?