Lucky People Who Avoided Disasters

If you felt very lucky once in your life after you see this list you will see what luck actually looks like. Cars, keys, dogs and even babies were saved sometimes by an inch on this pics! These people must be personally watched by god or protected by mother nature herself. You will learn to check things twice, wear safety glasses and not to park your car near a falling tree during a storm. Here you have 50 times that some lucky people avoided accidents at last minute, try not to envy them the next time you lost your car keys!

The coins saved him!


This guy keeps the coins that saved his great-grandfather life. He was shot during the World War I by a German soldier but these coins in his pocket absorbed the bullet and saved him. Money can actually save your life!

A close call


This one was super close! Imagine playing darts and one of them falling on your foot and even damaging a vein or your skin. That must hurt! This boy was extremely lucky.