Photos that will make you look twice.

The magic of photography has captivated millions of fans all over the world. Thanks to technology and the possibility to take a picture with your cell phone, a lot of people that started with this as a hobby developed a greater interest for this art, bought a nice camera and started with this passion.

Thanks to that and to internet access, all those amateur photographers could upload their pictures and prove what they were made of. For that reason, the Internet is crowded with lots of amazing pictures that have the signature of a small artist with no career at all, trying to make a way on this art.

Besides the artistic concept, there’s the perfect clicking time and the humor side that comes with those who perfectly timed a picture. Like the following 50 hilarious examples.

I’m a real pigeon!


The artist that drew those birds as they were flying away and the great nature. A hole in that construction and the real bird completed this amazing picture taken at the right moment.

Send it to the Heffner mansion


Cats are cute, says the billboard behind this serious man that was caught just in the right moment and seemed to be posing and making faces for the photographer in the subway.