This man creatively rebuilds an IKEA shelf and gives his wife a very special surprise

Buying furniture with your family or with your girlfriend has the potential to become a psychological ordeal at pretty much every opportunity. It is not uncommon to see excited young women in furniture stores and, with them in tow, the men belonging to them, with expressions asleep.

The Swedish furniture store IKEA in particular is a common place to go for such errands. With low prices, good quality and an almost countless selection of furniture and decorative objects, the building, which looks huge even from the outside, resembles a labyrinth from the inside.

All men would take the shortest route to the actual errands and then leave the store again. The opposite sex, however, loves to carefully look at and inspect the countless variations of the various pieces of furniture.

The self-made IKEA framework

In order to process the shelves according to your own ideas and to design your own specially designed piece of furniture, the shelves must first be moved into the correct position. For this purpose, they were practically placed at a corner so that two of the shelves are directly opposite each other and the third creates a T-shaped arm that protrudes into the room.

The first steps in processing

The idea becomes clearer and clearer and slowly you can see what he actually intends to do with the IKEA shelves. The two opposite shelves are connected with wooden planks and stiffened so that nothing can wobble. All that is needed is the usual wooden planks available in hardware stores, the appropriate tools and a certain amount of manual skills.