Hotel Fails

I love hotels. When I’m in one I like to feel like a millionaire, using all the amenities and things they have to offer. The thing is… I don’t have money. And when you don’t have money you have to settle with what you can afford, and that’s usually a crappy hotel.

We gathered fifty hotels that are so terrible at hospitality, good taste and security that should be closed down. Try not to visit them at any cost, even if they are free of charge. Well, we can discuss it if it’s free. Do the Check-In in these fifty funny hotels that fail so much they should have negative stars.



When an airplane engineer needs a now job and tries to design a hotel, this happens. The bathrooms are so small you can hardly open the door. Go back to plane city where you belong.



“Hey, this guy doesn’t have the “help me” sign on his door. We can’t help him. I know he is screaming for help, but the sign is not here, see? No “Help me” sign, let’s go on”