Historical Photos of the American West.

The world has always been fascinated about the life in the Wild West. From the shows that Buffalo Bill did in Europe, acting and showing how they lived in the American Frontier to the hit HBO show Westworld, it has always been a successful theme. But so many years of fictionalizing the life in the Wild West made us believe that it was a little different from what it really was. Luckily for us, the photography was in the middle of its boom when all these happened, so we have a lot of photographical evidences of how the real life in the wild wild west was. Take a look at these 50 photos and forget about what you saw in the movies. Living in the Wild West was much more difficult than you may think.



To that fact, you need to add that fresh water was hard to find, and most of the bodies of water they could find were extremely contaminated, resulting in diarrhea. You do the math.



This demand of fresh water turned it into an expensive luxury. A cup of water was often sold from one dollar to a hundred dollar, in a time a pound of bacon only costed one cent.