Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Hilarious

Most of the best toys on the market are extremely and ridiculously expensive. Not any family can afford the luxury of spending a few extra bucks in the last toy in the market, which with the little kid was dreaming about. For that reason, there’s a big industry of class B toys that are meant to be for those who don’t spend a big amount of money in an entertainment of that kind. Those are the kind of toys that tend to be stiffer or colorless. However, kids are really good when it comes to the power of imagination and they usually don’t care about those things. In the meantime, those are the kind of toys that come with flaws from the factory, and lots of times serve to nurture these kinds of rankings.

Why the guns?


Ok, you could live inside of a box and don’t know the difference between Batman and Superman. This could be even a packaging mistake. But why does this Superman have guns?

This shouldn’t be for kids


Yeah… probably the factory responsible for this toy wasn’t thinking of anything naughty. However, I don’t think that every family could see this as the perfect children toy.