Epic Passive-Aggressive Notes.

People tend to relax when they are angry by writing down a few things on paper. Maybe the receptor of the message made a mistake and didn’t realize it or maybe it was conscious of the harm he or she was provoking. For that reason, the Internet is loaded with several notes that aren’t heavy enough to qualify as threats but do leave a clear message.

They are meant to change the attitude of their interlocutor by explaining with a little sarcasm the things they don’t like. Thanks to the internet and the possibility of searching them, we could find the 50 hilarious passive-aggressive notes that we’re sharing with you.

You’re not 10 years old

bored panda

I’m not sure who was the creator of the Comic Sans font but Today is one of the most hated people in the world. It is the favorite font for the kids but it is totally useless for those who are trying to be serious.

It has a point

ruin my week

If both microwaves can’t be used at the same time, why don’t they gave away one to the employee that need it the most? This situation only tempts those who are really hungry and in a hurry.