Embarrassing Plane Passengers.

Flying. You either love it or hate it, but no one is neutral about it. For those who hate it, the problem is you need to get on a plane if you want to see the world (and who doesn’t want to?) The good thing is that everyone can work through their fear of flying and successfully sit on a plane for ten or twelve hours. There are professional therapists you can see about that!

And if you need to relax a little before taking off, you can always scroll down and see some pictures that will make you laugh so hard you will forget you don’t like planes (you will also be wishing you don’t have to fly with this kind of people.) Read on and enjoy the ride!

Forget About Watching A Movie


We love people who get creative with their hair, but this person here should remember they’re not the only passengers on the plane. That poor girl better forget about passing the time watching movies.