People Doing Things The Wrong Way

We are not fans of people telling other people what they should do. But there are things you must do in a certain way. You can’t drive a motorcycle the way you want. You must do it the way it’s established. We gathered a few photos that prove that people don’t always follow rules. And sometimes that is something to celebrate, but in these cases, is something to die for. 

Upside Down


I’m pretty sure that’s not how you drive a motorcycle, but I’m not an expert in any kind, so I won’t get all judgmental. But let me tell you, that’s definitely not how you drive a motorcycle.

Never Been Kissed


Last time I checked, kissing was supposed to be an act of intimacy and tenderness. In this case, all that is gone, and all we have left is a premium view of someone else’s tonsils and a tongue is about to get swallowed.