Clever Messages From Roommates That Are Too Funny To Be True

Leaving our parents home for the first time (or the second, we don’t judge) is something challenging enough, and adding to that a roommate to the equation is also very stressful. These relationships can be complicated sometimes and even if we put our best efforts, it’s hard to attend everyone’s types of living and traditions when you come from different places. Simple things that we been doing for years can be something really annoying for someone else and vice versa. And because of that, the human mind can create funny and clever ways to express, and this is the case for these roommates who were kind enough to share to the world their genius and clever ways to send a message without losing the tone or getting into a fight. Here is for your entertaining, 50 clever messages from a roommate to another in a kinda passive aggressive demonstration.

Martin Spooner

The dishes are quite a theme in a house and if you are sharing yours with someone who is not used to clean them up, is going to be a problem. Lucky those with genius ways to communicate that! 

Bathroom Issues

The bathroom problems are hard to communicate and this cartoon wins all the prices, without words the roommate could express the situation over the toilet. And hey, this person needs to know how good is drawing!