Photos that will make you look twice.

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Photos that people still can’t explain

This world is a mysterious place, I think we already know that. We humans think that we know everything about it but we know less of a one percent of what this world contains. There are forces, things, beings and events that escape our way of thinking, and that we can’t explain. Here we gathered … Read more

Worst Tattoo Removal Disasters, Yuck!

#1 BUBBLE YUCK Apparently bad tattoo removal procedures, in addition to not removing tattoos, can cause the patient to develop large, painful blisters, as you can see on this guy’s arm. Hopefully they heal okay . . . #2 EPIC KELOID This keloid scar was the side effect of a laser tattoo removal procedure. Some … Read more

You Can Now Anonymously Send Poop To Your Enemies

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10+ extraordinary situations that happened to ordinary people

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30 “What Could Go Wrong” Moments That Ended Terribly

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What Your Heart Line On Your Hand Reveals About Your Love Life

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The Worst Tattoos Ever Done

In this strange world we live, there are people that decide to permanently insert pigment under their skin without even giving it that much thought. Some people tattoo themselves with a sharpie, even when they can’t even draw a straight line. Some people get tattoos while extremely intoxicated. The results often go from sentences full … Read more

10+ times designers had only one job and failed

Being a designer is hard. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you are working, and sometimes you forget about one or two of those things. Most of the times you notice the mistake and fix it before sending it to your boss, but there are other times (the ones … Read more