Best Office Pranks Ever Made

Working in an office is something that most of us have to do at least once in our lives and even though it can involve professional and personal growth, new friends and exciting possibilites, sometimes it can also mean dealing with increibly irritating people and situations.

But in every office you can find some fun if you set your mind to it: it can be with the job itself or with some hilarious coworkers that will make your days pass better and happier. These pictures sum up what working in an office means. Do any of these remind you of yours?



You are probably familiar with the world famous Windows XP screensaver: well, someone at this guy’s office decided to put a giant picture of it covering the whole window and making it look like a giant screen.


When you ask your employer to please buy a wall clock for the office and you get this giant Justin Bieber wrist watch you should know that your office is trolling you long and hard. Yes.