Baywatch Turned 30 And This Is How They Look Now

Premiered in 1989 and lasting over a decade, Baywatch was one of the most iconic TV shows ever. But there’s a curse that haunts the actors that play iconic roles in iconic TV Shows: they usually disappear. This is not every show’s case but it is definitely this one’s. The funny detail is that Baywatch was actually canceled after only one season because nobody watched it, but David Hasselhoff (don’t worry, he’s obviously on this list) made everything to bring it to life again. And that’s how it all happened, and how they all became symbols of the 90’s. Grab your red bathing suit and your blonde wig, because you’ll be amazed when you see how they all look now. 



Believe it or not, he has a Guinness World Record as the most watched man on TV. Before Baywatch he was on The Young And The Restless, and after, he made his Broadway debut. He also starred in a few reality series and dropped albums. David now works mainly as a motivational speaker.



She played bombshell Summer Quinn, and that made her famous. Since Baywatch, she has been in and out playing minor roles in TV shows and movies, but nothing we can remember. She now runs an ice cream business in LA called Scoop.