Funny Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Foreground

Sometimes a friend photobombs your pic and you hate it. In this post, some strangers and creepy things appear in pictures where they shouldn’t and the people taking them didn’t even notice. This list shows the best “when you see it” pictures, some of them are funny and others are deeply terrifying. The next time you’re taking a selfie, you will look twice to check every single thing just to be sure nothing or no one is looking at you from a window or mirror. Here are 50 pics that will make you look twice to find out what’s wrong with them and try to understand what is actually happening.

That man


We LOVE a funny man messing with some girls pic and this one is just hilarious. Imaging posing for this photo with your friend and when you see it there’s a man right there imitating you, lol!

Wait until you see it


We had a hard time seeing this one but we found it! There’s a dog right above the laptop and we think it’s so funny a dog is paying attention in class. We wish we have his concentration abilities