Awesome headlines to read online

We’ve all been in that place where everything seems to be wrong, or funny. And that place is called the newspaper or the news page. Sometimes you simply read a headline and think “are you for real?” and they are. Which is why we collected the funniest headlines of all times, just for you. Enjoy!

Oh Brian


Poor Brian. Can you imagine if that is your name and you just find out that your brain might be evolving?

Ed Sheeran


I’m sorry, but what is Ipswich? Is that a supermarket or something? Impossible to know for sure. We’ll just pretend we understood what he said



Yes, sure “real life Magneto” that is something that the real one would never say. I mean, if you are that powerful, just show us your biggest move.

Tough Pug


Ok. This is a good one. I mean, we all know that the smallest dogs are always the meanest, right? And they get mad easy. I’m with the pug.

Lost Wallet


Look. This is not an easy economy, not even for the rich people. And what does a couple of million of dollars mean to them? Nothing at all. It’s like losing five dollars to us.



This is what I call knowing for real your dog. I mean, maybe he was putting a tantrum and the owner simply knew how to win him back.

Awesome Mixtape


This is what I call being a true artist to himself. I mean, you do not know my name for sure, but hey, this is my mixtape. Great for birthday parties.

Hello, 911?


Now this is what I call a real crime. I mean, how dare you to ran out of one of the greatest comfort food on earth? I would call the police too.

On The Run


Ok, this one makes kind of sense. Maybe he is on the run and his girlfriend is helping him, or maybe he can teleport. Who knows, it’s magic.

Insert Here


This is what happens when it is mercury retrograde. I mean, he only had one job, just put the correct headline. I bet he lost his job after that.

Fair Trade


Look, a baby cries, he gets cranky, he is a pain and you just keep spending money in useless things they don’t even care to use. I would trade him for food too.

Lost Job


I don’t know about this. I mean, they are losing their jobs, but I bet they are also living a lot longer. It seems like they were onto something.