What Your Heart Line On Your Hand Reveals About Your Love Life

For thousands of years people all over the world have looked into the palms of their hands to divine the truths of their feelings and character. Select your dominant hand and pick which heart line you have to determine what the hands of fate have in store for you! The heart line begins near the … Read more

The Worst Tattoos Ever Done

In this strange world we live, there are people that decide to permanently insert pigment under their skin without even giving it that much thought. Some people tattoo themselves with a sharpie, even when they can’t even draw a straight line. Some people get tattoos while extremely intoxicated. The results often go from sentences full … Read more

10+ times designers had only one job and failed

Being a designer is hard. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you are working, and sometimes you forget about one or two of those things. Most of the times you notice the mistake and fix it before sending it to your boss, but there are other times (the ones … Read more

People That Probably Regret Getting That Tattoo Done

If you got a tattoo, you know how hard it is to decide on a design you like. It is, after all, something you’ll have on your body for the rest of your life. They can be removed, but it costs money and the skin never looks the same again. So it goes without saying … Read more

People With “Bad Luck” – They Must Have Upset A Wizard

Yes, I know. You think you are having the worst day ever. You said the same thing yesterday. And the day before. And I’m sure you will say the same thing tomorrow. But you are not having the worst day ever, believe me. And to prove it, we gathered fifty photos of fifty people that … Read more

“Suffer for fashion”: 8 painful beauty trends throughout history

Throughout history the expression “you need to suffer to be beautiful” often was the case.  For a long time, women have had to alter their natural appearance so as to conform to the beauty norms of their period. Often they’d need to suffer many physical and mental health consequences.  Beauty norms for our ancestors would … Read more

What Happens When You Place An Ice Cube On This Part Of Your Neck

According to a report on FaktenGuru, placing an ice cube on the nape of your neck, where your skull meets the top of your neck, can rejuvenate your body and make you feel full of life. The placement of the ice cube, called Feng Fu, has various benefits – see below: – Helping to relieve colds … Read more