45 Clothing Fails That Will Make You Shiver

As the wise man said, there’s no accounting for taste. You can wear whatever you want however you want to. We gather fifty photos that will make you laugh about how incredibly awful clothes can be. This post isn’t about how the clothes fit on people, it’s about how it was designed. Some of them are clear translation mistakes, and some of them are just horrible decisions. And we are not even talking about things that you see on a runway, these are actually pieces of clothing that you can find in a local store and online. We want this to be a warning: The next time you go to buy some clothes, be careful. Read the t-shirts more than once and check the pattern, don’t be surprised like these people were.


Wo, bro, keep your tone down. Can I see your manager? Oh, he is wearing the same polo, Does anyone speak english in this place? I need to clarify something.



There are people that suffer their whole lives remembering how the others used to make wedgies to them, and there are others that embrace it. Good for you, man, your t-shirt is horrible.