30 “What Could Go Wrong” Moments That Ended Terribly

You have to admit, sometimes our confidence gets the best of us. You know, like that one time you made a bet with your friend that you can totally jump over that ditch only to end up landing flat on your butt (and losing $10 in the process). Well, if you ever did something stupid that you ended up regretting, don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

Turns out there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to people playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes. It’s called r/Whatcouldgowrong, and it’s absolutely hilarious. From flying drones indoors to accidentally uploading classified prison plans for everyone to see, check out some of the funniest “what could go wrong” moments in the gallery below!

#1 What Could Go Wrong If You Cuss At Your Boss On Facebook

Image source: frenor0302

#2 What Could Go Wrong If I Park In That Space “For The Umpteenth Time”

Image source: Big-E-Cheeseus