14 Things about your Body that are guaranteed to amaze you

The biochemical processes in the human body are complex. Countless cells, proteins and conversion mechanisms interlock here like cog in cog – undoubtedly perfection. However, the aesthetics of nature often clash with our ideas of beauty.

Some users of Reddit have made it their business to record somewhat more uncomfortable observations about the human body and share them with others. Here are the 14 most uncomfortable details about the human organism.


There are good and bad bacteria, this fact is certainly not new. However, the beneficial bacteria pay their last respects to humans after their death by simply eating them.


An embarrassing moment or surprising joy can make everyone’s face blush. What is less well known, however, is that this also applies to the stomach.


There is a constant coming and going inside us: every minute up to three million cells in the human body bless the temporal. Every 7 years your body is 100% replaced.