She weighed over 1,000lbs and couldn’t walk – now look at her incredible transformation

Mayra Rosales has had an incredible journey.

In 2009 she was named “the heaviest woman in the world” weighing in at a striking 1,030lbs.

But today she lives a whole different life – and you would barely recognize her.

Obesity is one of our most serious public health problems. Today, half of all adult men, over a third of all women and every fifth child is overweight or obese.

In 2009, Mayra Rosales from Texas, USA, beat an unflattering record: she was deemed the world’s heaviest woman.

At the time she weighed an incredible 1,000 lbs. She could not walk. She could not leave her bed. And doctors feared that she would not live for much longer.

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But Mayra decided to change her life after a major tragedy occurred.

Mayra’s nephew was murdered – and first, Mayra was charged with the murder. But it turned out that it was the boy’s mother who had committed the crime, and Mayra was released.

To be charged with the murder led her to completely change her life. Mayra underwent a gastric bypass to quickly lose weight.

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She began watching over her diet and to work out. Her journey is, to say the least, inspiring.

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Last year she weighed about 198 lbs – dropping an incredible 800lbs! Unbelievable.

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Mayra has undergone several operations in the meantime, including skin removal. She has documented her journey on Facebook.

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Today she looks like a completely different person. A person who is healthy and well!

I’m terribly impressed with Mayra’s incredible weight journey, especially since I think we all know how difficult it is to just drop a few pounds. What an epic battle!