Vintage  Parenting Photos

Parents are always right. Unless they are not. Parenting customs are the ones that evolved the most in the last years. And our parents, or even ourselves, were raised in a different world, where not everything was so dangerous as nowadays, and they were a little more relaxed about children's care. We gathered a few photos that show how people were raised a few decades ago, and they survived- at least we think so- without much effort. Take a look, enjoy and learn how to be a better parent, you'll need it someday.


Safety Standards

I don't wanna Google, but I'm pretty sure someone died in this chairlift. I mean, it is almost impossible to believe that people actually jumped into one of these things.


A Good Sip

There was a time when certain beverages were not as forbidden for children as they are today. In this photo you can see a child taking a big sip while the adults are not watching.

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