What's up thronies! Since you all should know by now, I'm a huge nerd and fan of the HBO series "Game of Thrones" and I can't stop talking about it. When the show started in 2011, the cast was massive, and you had to almost write down the name of the characters and who was married to whom, who was in the run for being king, and, wait, those two weren't brother and sister? Ever since then, the cast has been downsized, because they (SPOILER ALERT!) killed practically everybody, so I thought of making this list for you, already fans of the show, the books, or beginners, so you can know everything you must know about the actors of the most incredible show on TV. Enjoy!


Some of them are brilliant, some practical, and the rest will make you wonder what the hell were they drinking when they came up with that thing. And that's how creative process works. At first it seems a little bit crazy, impossible or uncomfortable, but then we end up adopting many of these inventions and they end up turning into something common, sometimes we even end up saying "How did I live without this?" This list will show you the 50 inventions that can become a future hit or not. It doesn't matter, we just need them all. Right Now. Please.