Too Literally

Have you ever read an instruction manual and wondered how exact the following of the rules should be in order for it to work out? Sometimes signals and instructions mean something different than most of us will understand with no problem and some other people will struggle a little more with, following things way too literally and giving a genius and hilarious result. These are the examples of why you should never follow any rules without thinking about them first: you could be showcased in a hilarious post like this if you do. Are you ready to fall off your chair while you laugh at these pictures? You better be.





We have to admit that when kids are asked to follow instructions, they can get insanely creative and give hilarious results like this one. How could you not love this kid?



When you order a custom-made cake for someone special, you want to make sure that the message you are sending out translates perfectly: just make sure you don't joke with the one who will be baking it.

Name them


If you ask a kid to name figures, you have to at least imagine that they can come up with something like this: they may not be the real names but he did follow the instructions.



I guess copywriting has a lot more of responsibility that we could have ever imagined: if you use the wrong sentence a poor dog could end up in a litter bin.



When this woman was asked to cover herself while she was breastfeeding she had no problem following the instructions: nobody ever said that she had to cover her boobs, anyway.

Hug it


If you ask people to hug the left curb when they are leaving, some of them may take it too literally and actually hug it. Curbs may be in the need for a little human affection, too.



This is hilarious and we love the person who decided to pose and take this picture so we could all enjoy it: aren't you all fans of the Indian writer after this?



Don't ask people to touch things with their eyes if you are not willing to call an ambulance if they obey. You could have just said "Don't touch, just look" and nobody gets harmed.



If you tell your kid he is grounded and he can't set foot on the outside, get ready for some literal magic to appear: how can you keep mad at a kid with such a level of creativity? We couldn't.



Wow, signs are getting more and more specific by the hour: I have no idea why they would want this guy to draw a bridge but we think he is doing a pretty good job with it.



Write or, they said. It will be fun, they said. You will pass the test and not end up as a funny meme on the Internet, they said. So he did. Sorry kid, this is just too damn funny to forget.

In purple


People who take the orders for the messages that have to appear on the custom made cakes either have a weird sense of humor or they like to ruin parties.

Coin meal


I'm not sure that's a good idea, anyone should be able to know that the 25 cents are to buy food for the deer, not feed them with that but we should never overestimate people.



Keep your valuables under watch, but if you happen to have a safe or a fur coat as a valuable this might get a little more tricky. Do you think someone thought this could help?



Anyone who is a smoker knows that you have to respect the designated areas where the activity is allowed, but this guy took it too literally and decided not to move an inch further.



When you ask kids for things you know that they are going to take it literally and give hilarious answers: we believe the answer this assignment was expecting was 2, but we can't say the kid is wrong.

“Put your shoes by the door”


If you ask your kid to put his shoes by the door, you can expect things like this to happen: the instruction was not to leave them close or to leave just one pair, it was very confusing.

I will


Done and done: this guy took the instruction way too personal and decided that him riding a unicycle with pies on flames and a Darth Vader helmet should cover the weirdness in Portland.

Fall in line


If a sign asks you to fall in line, what exactly are you supposed to do? Probably what this guy did was not the best option though he followed the instructions, especially for the people behind him.



We don't want to get involved in the creative concept of advertising agencies, but you should definitely say If it ain't broken, break it in a sign that is covered with glass.

Fashion emergency


We have to stand by this guy on this one: fashion trends can be so confusing and changing that if they said those were hats, they could have been. Really ugly hats, though.

Wash your hands


It can be very tricky to wash your hands if your hand are not in contact with the bar of soap, but it's worth a try if the sign is so specific with the drawing.



We should praise people who take cake orders forever: I can't tell if they are complete trolls or absolutely brilliant, but they did write happy birthday on both.

They fell


These twins decided to take advantage of their status and follow the instructions on the sign as literally as possible since not many people could do that. Good for following the rules, twins.



Rebels have no problem breaking the rules or bending them to their benefit: in this case, nobody said anything about parking unicycles there so technically they are fine.

So sad


We can imagine that the instruction was given to draw a different plant cell but we can't help to laugh about the face on that daisy and the "No windows" note.



This picture is so funny and we love the detail on the baby shirt: it looks like a superhero convention all waiting for Green Arrow to arrive. Geeky audiences are the best.

Don’t use it


The toilet brush is something that all bathrooms need but we can't help but wonder if any person in the world has ever given it a different use than what is supposed to do.



If you take the time to make such a specific sign including bicycles, rollerblades, roller skates, skateboards and even scooters, you should at least include the unicycles. Nobody considers unicycles.

Not working


We are all familiarized with the concept of drive through but we really wish that this guy hadn't taken it so literally: sometimes is better to just find a parking space and get out of the car.

Girl, no.


I can't tell whether this picture is funny or is one of the creepiest things we have seen in our entire lives but girl, please don't follow the instructions on that guy's shirt.



Dude chilling is a very weird name for a park, don't you think? But it can give people some great ideas, although it seems unfair that only dudes can chill. What about women and children?

Is it too late now to say sorry?


We can't help but love the attitude on this guy holding the I'm sorry sign: we can't tell if he was the person in particular that they wanted an apology from, but it's never too late to say sorry.

Draw hands


Someone asked this kid o draw the hands on the clocks and what he did was draw actual human hands around them. Can you blame him? They did say hands on the clock, that's what they got.

Piece of cake


We'll never understand why we need to learn equations in school but the answer here seemed pretty simple: x equals 7. That's what you asked for, teacher, don't complain now.

Put it in the bathroom


Someone asked their kids to put the shampoo and conditioner bottle in the bathroom and this is what they got: they never said where in the bathroom, just said which room they wanted it in.

Now what?


This guy has managed to do one of the best sign trolling of all times: probably they were requesting you to take the furniture and not the sign, but seems the sign was free of charge too so why not?



If you ever decide to crush your car on purpose, at least do it following the rules: it would make no sense to crush your car on to a Fanta vending machine, it has to be a Crush one.

Not so practical


Don't you just hate the mechanism on the lids for dressing and milk? They are always impossible to open without any spilling, so maybe this is not the worst option in the world.



If you want to keep your coworkers away from your lunch, I would suggest you pick an insult that they can't take literally: eat me may give them the wrong instructions.

One word


Write one word over and over, said the assignment. Not only this is silly but it's also wrong, actually, those are two words and not just one. Still is very funny.

That’s for you too, sign


If you are a sign and you are determined to give instructions the least you can do is follow them properly, or at least that's what whoever knocked down this sign thought.



Ok, sign, we are watching children, can you at least tell us what's for? What do we do now that we watched them? Play with them, make sure that they don't get hurt?



Some people just need to follow the rules no matter how silly they can be: if I were this girl, I would rather walk a different path, that doesn't seem comfortable at all.

Will this work?


We assume that if you are putting a sign on a package so we don't open it with something sharp it's in order for what it contains not to get damaged, do you think a sledgehammer will work?

They said I could


If these pillows were meant to be tossed, that's what this guy did and we really hope that no employee came down to tell him anything: they were the ones who made that sign.



Can you imagine a world without dating apps, bar small talk, uncomfortable first dates and the hustle than meeting someone brings? This could work like a charm to avoid all those things.


The advertising agency who planned this should be awarded because if this was an intentional interactive ad, it's simply brilliant, don't you think? I mean, it's literally on top of the trash and makes it unforgettable.

He’s not allowed outside


If you are going to ground Ginger, you can't just send it to his room (unless you are wealthy enough to have a bedroom for your spices). Building a room with bread slices seems legit.

Thank you, dove.

After drawing a little bathtub on a piece of paper, don't you just feel much more relaxed? Can't you see all your troubles disappear while you look at it? No? Me neither.