This Picture Prove That The World Is Full Of Surprises

You thought there would be nothing left in the 21st century that you have not already seen? Undiscovered things, crazy animals, incredible forces of nature and strange happenings you all already know - at least from the many pictures that you have seen online? What about orange turtles or a fishing rod hit by lightning? You certainly do not know that yet. Despite the numerous images and videos available online, the world still has a few surprises to offer. We have to look closely.


It may sound unbelievable but it is true. Snakes can lay eggs this big. In this case, you can see the eggs of a Tiger Python, which are amongst the biggest animal eggs in the World.


A Weird Stop

At first glance, nothing unusual - but if you look closely, you recognize a tram stopped in front of a railroad crossing. Yes, that really exists - this picture was taken in Estonia.

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