These People Were Able To Record Impressive Events

What turns an event into an impressive event? Certainly this is a rare occurrence that sometimes can not even be scientifically explained. For us humans, however, these random happenings are the cause of wonder. They let us pause and meditate about the power of the universe, at least for a moment. These people have managed to not only be witnesses of these events, but even capture them in pictures, so we can also enjoy them. Take a look!


Out Of This World

This great photo shows not only that natural spectacle created by bioluminescence blue shining bay waters, at the same time, it shows one of the clearest starry skies you'll ever see.


Perfect Timing

Coincidence or ideal preparation? In this picture, a woman can camouflage well on both a carpet and on tiles, as her skirt and blouse pick up their patterns exactly.

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