These People Are The Definition Of Bad Luck

Some days we just do not seem to succeed. At breakfast we confused sugar and salt, because of the traffic you can not get to the office in time and then you realize you have forgotten important documents on the kitchen table at home. We all know such days when we just do not want to carry on. Often we despair and look after the redeeming evening. But even with all the misfortunes, we should not be disturbed and always remember that somewhere in the world another unlucky person, who has suffered a worse misfortune than us, forgot his key inside his apartment.


An Uninvited Guest

The unfortunate driver of this car was certainly very far away mentally speaking when he stopped at the gas station. How else can you explain the uninvited passenger, this tank hose?



This poor guy has the word Fear tattooed on his face. He decided to feed the birds. Little did he know that the birds weren't as friendly as he thought they were.

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