Rare and Incredible Microscope Images As You've Never Seen It

Have you ever noticed how things look quite different depending on the point of view you see them from? That's exactly what a microscope will do for us right now: give an extreme close up perspective from the objects and life that surround us. You may look at them everyday, but no see them for what they really are.

Regardless of what we are looking at, how we see them now will definetly change your mind about them. Will they surprise you? Amaze you? Disgust you? Make you want to print some of these pics and hang them on your wall? Let's see:

A banana


Bananas are rich in pectin, a soluble dietary fiber and natural detoxifying agent, great for digestion. Also, the potassium and magnesium in them may help protect you from muscle cramps at night and during workouts.

Blood cells


Your body has a variety of kinds of cells. Even they might look different under a microscope, most cells have in common features (both structural and chemical). Humans have about 200 different types of cells, and within these they can find around 20 different types of structures or organelles.

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